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Are there wet, damp patches on the walls of your Berkshire house? And there’s a musty smell, too, right? Well, that’s damp in your house, and it can be a big problem if not handled immediately. With years of experience in damp surveying, Damp Surveyors Ltd. is here to help you with independent damp surveys. Get in touch with us, and we will investigate damp issue throughout the entire property and provide a future course of action that will eradicate damp from your house.

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Over the past year, 100% of our clients have rated our services as "Excellent"". We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch damp surveying services that meet and exceed expectations.
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Since our inception, Damp Surveyors Ltd has successfully conducted over 10,000 damp surveys across the UK. Our vast experience ensures that we can handle any project, big or small.
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We utilise the latest in damp detection technology, ensuring 99.9% accuracy in our surveys. Our commitment to innovation means our clients receive the most precise and reliable results.

Damp Surveying Experts in Berkshire

Damp Surveyor Ltd. is known for providing a comprehensive range of damp surveying services. The independent damp surveyors we have are certified and endorsed by government authorities.

Therefore, the expertise of our expert professionals allows us to conduct thorough damp surveys in Berkshire and also go beyond just doing an investigation of the property by addressing the root cause behind the damp problem.

Once the damp survey is done, our damp surveyors compile the issues that come up in the investigation into a detailed report and present it to the house owner.

Along with the issues, the report also contains various solutions that can be implemented to fix the issues. Therefore, no matter the severity of the damp, we always have an advice to fix it.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed, easy-to-understand reports provided after every survey, complete with visuals and actionable insights.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Dedicated customer support and consultation services, ensuring clients are informed and comfortable.

Experienced Team of Surveyors

A team of certified surveyors with extensive training and years of hands-on experience.

Cutting-Edge Tools & Techniques

We employ the latest in damp detection technology, ensuring we're always at the forefront of the industry.

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What Causes Damp in Houses?

A variety of underlying causes can cause damp problems in a local home. Leaks and excessive moisture in deteriorating wooden structures are two common causes of these issues. To avoid the possibility of a leak causing a damp environment, carefully inspect the drains and gutters to ensure they are not damaged in any way.

It is also critical to carefully inspect the condition of sealed joints. When these joints are damp, any visible damage or cracks can exacerbate the problem. Similarly, improperly installed window sills are frequently the source of moisture-related problems in homes.

After considering these factors, remember that condensation is a common and aggravating cause of damp. It can be challenging to deal with moisture buildup caused by condensation constantly.

To effectively address this issue, you should concentrate on the structural issues and improving the ventilation throughout the house.

Damp can be significantly reduced by allowing more air to flow through and preventing moisture from accumulating, resulting in a more comfortable and healthy living environment.

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What Damp Proofing Treatments Are Available?

Water leaking into homes and businesses causes damp, and the culprits behind damp issues are often broken or missing gutters, cracked or absent roof tiles, leaking pipes, and poor water drainage systems. Damp problems can result in health risks and structural damage due to the growth of bacteria and mould. To treat the damp in a house, there are various treatment options, which can be:

  • Damp-proofing for rising damp

  • Damp surveys for homeowners

  • Ventilation solutions for condensation

  • Basement tanking

  • Wood treatment

Our advice is that you must never underestimate the potential harm caused by damp symptoms because the growth of bacteria and mould can harm the house owner’s property value and their family’s health. Our professional team can swiftly identify the root cause of damp issues and give you advice to further prevent damage to your property.

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Why Choose Damp Surveyors Ltd. in Berkshire?

Our service is excellent, and we take pride in maintaining high standards in all of our work. After you submit an online inquiry, we'll contact you to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Following that, if you give us the go-ahead, we'll schedule an inspection of your home. We make every effort to keep the domestic and commercial properties tidy and peaceful so that you are not disturbed.

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience spanning many years, our damp-survey services are unrivalled. Our knowledgeable independent damp surveyors use cutting-edge tools to create custom solutions for each home we visit.

If you need to address your damp issues in Berkshire immediately, don't hesitate to request for a damp survey quote.

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A house survey specialist taking photos of the damage caused by damp

Most Hired Damp Surveying Company in Berkshire

Many companies claim to be experts in damp surveying but they lack the necessary experience. However, inadequate skills can lead to lingering moisture issues within buildings, even after the surveying is done.

That's where Damp Surveyors Ltd. come in. There's no debate when it comes to our excellency at damp surveying commercial properties in Berkshire, and we have the knowledge to remove damp from your home.

So, if you are facing damp issues at your house, just call us right away, and we will take over things completely.

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Mould and dampness on internal walls

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Damp Surveyors Ltd. is always here to help you with the investigation of your property and surveying various areas of the house for damp. Our independent damp surveyors come with advanced tools and tactics that can get deep into the trouble and find the real cause behind it.

Book us in whenever you require a damp survey done on your property, whether commercial or residential. Get in touch with us now via our contact number or email.

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How Long Does a Damp Survey Take to Complete?

It depends, actually. The bigger the property is, the more time it will take to complete the entire investigation and the damp survey. For example, if the house owner wants only the kitchen and the lounge to be investigated, it won't take much time, but if there's an entire four-bedroom house that is to be surveyed, then it might take 2 to 4 hours.

What Will You Get After a Damp Survey?

Every damp survey that Damp Surveyors Ltd. conducts in Berkshire provides the house owners with a detailed and in-depth report that will explain the cause of the damp and issues in the house and also recommend the solutions to the damp problems along with the cost.

How Much Does a Damp Survey Cost?

Again, it depends on the size of the area that needs to be investigated. Investigation of more areas will cost more, and it will cost less if there's only one room to survey. There are pricing structures that we often have already in our damp survey service booklets. You can ask for it or get a direct customized quote from our independent damp surveyor, which, most of the time, is free.