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A damp survey is a survey that is conducted on your home or property to detect signs of damp, such as rising damp, penetrating damp, and many other types of damp. The damp survey is performed by trained, experienced, approved and qualified damp surveyors to spot the early signs of a damp problem on any building.

If there are signs of damp in the survey, the damp will be identified and you will be provided with the recommended course of action to fix the property.

Why Should You Have a Damp Survey Completed?

Damp surveys help to keep your home or property safe from significant issues caused by damaged damp proofing or other structural issues which cause significant damage to the property. A damp survey might be part of the standard mortgage surveys which can help to determine what hidden issues might be there when buying a home, for your peace of mind.

Though you will want to regularly have a damp survey done on your property as a good precaution that your home is in the best condition.

If there is any damp in the home, it can cause health problems. Damp is known to cause massive mould issues with the home, which can trigger asthma and other problems.

If left untreated, damp problems can become a major issue. When you need a damp problem fixed, costs can run into their thousands. Yet spotting the signs early can save you significant amounts.

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What Happens During Professional Damp Surveys?

A damp survey should always be carried out by a professional damp surveyor. They will inspect the home and look for potential damp around the property. They will also look at what could be the cause of the damp.

The damp surveyor will use numerous, industry-specific tools to help them. They will use, for instance, a damp meter to measure the moisture levels inside inner walls inside the property. They will also assess whether it is rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation that is causing the problem. One way to tell this is if they find that moisture is only a metre up from the floor, then it is likely you have rising damp.

Only by following the best practices, the damp survey can quickly identify what is wrong and the best ways to fix the property. And this will save costs further down the road as the damage to the property will be limited.

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How long does a damp survey take?

When you want a damp surveyor to assess your property, you need to set aside the necessary time for the survey to be completed. On the average home, a survey will take somewhere between one and two hours to complete. Larger homes will take longer.

During the damp and timber survey, it is expected that you are around to help the certificated surveyors access all the areas they need to during the survey.

You generally get a brief outline of potential issues on the property when the surveyor is finished with their work. However, the property report will be sent in the post with more details and it will identify everything that you need to do.

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Does a Damp Survey Expert Need to Conduct the Survey?

Whenever you would like to check for damp problems in your property, you need to use a qualified damp surveyor.Our damp survey specialists are experienced at spotting problems and noting these down in a damp and timber report. We can spot the smallest signs of problems like wet rot or other damp issues.

In the damp report, our damp surveyors will include all the findings of the property survey, which should include:

  • Identification of any damp problem within the property.

  • Use a moisture meter to find the source of moisture in the property.

  • Inspect existing damp proofing.

  • Discover any problems in the building structure.

  • Check to see if dry rot or wet rot might be an issue in the future.

  • Deliver a comprehensive damp report to detail what remedial treatment is required to the damp proof course and the rest of the property.

  • Professional advice on how to prevent damp in the future, which might include structural waterproofing.

All of this is included in the single damp survey cost.

How Much Does a Damp Survey Cost?

The damp survey cost can depend on the size and type of the properties and other factors. Larger properties are going to be more expensive, and take longer. 

However, in the long term, the survey cost and fixing of the problem is going to be much smaller than having to fix property issues when penetrating damp causes irreparable damages. So speak to us for a quote on how much damp surveys cost for your building.

What are the Signs of Damage to Look for Before Booking a Damp Survey

Whilst damp surveys are the best way to tell whether you have a damp problem, there are small signs you might need a damp survey immediately. These signs are varied but do include damage to the damp proofing around your home, damaged plaster/peeling paint/wallpaper peeling on the walls or mould spores on the wall/skirting boards.

You might also notice there is a lot off condensation, excess moisture or damp patches on your property's internal wall. Though there are also other signs that you need to be on the look out for on the external walls such as mould growth, damaged brickwork and salts on the brickwork.

And you might want to have regular checks on your home to check for any damp issue in your home. Property owners, landlords, any property care association, estate agent, mortgage lenders are encouraged to regularly check their properties for damp issues to protect investments and to ensure that they are looked after.

Need a Damp Survey? Here is How to Book One for Your Property

Whether you're a homeowner, commercial property owner, or landlord, booking your damp survey is easy. You can book the inspection at the first signs of dampness at ground level or another location in the property or just as a precaution. Our damp surveys can be booked at a convenient time for you.

All you need to do is to call our office and we can arrange for a certified surveyor with the relevant accreditation to visit your property to check for signs of damp. So speak to us now about your damp issues.

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