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Find the root cause behind damp in your house with an accurate and objective damp survey in London. Rely on our local experts and let us take care of all your damp problems confidently and efficiently.

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Over the past year, 100% of our clients have rated our services as "Excellent"". We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch damp surveying services that meet and exceed expectations.
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Since our inception, Damp Surveyors Ltd has successfully conducted over 10,000 damp surveys across the UK. Our vast experience ensures that we can handle any project, big or small.
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We utilise the latest in damp detection technology, ensuring 99.9% accuracy in our surveys. Our commitment to innovation means our clients receive the most precise and reliable results.

A damp survey is an inspection of a house, which is solely done to find the damp-related issues in various areas of the house. The survey is undertaken by the independent damp surveyors who are experts at identifying and analysing the damp problem and, therefore, providing remediation for the issues outlined.

At Damp Surveyors Ltd., we have been doing damp surveys in London and its adjacent areas for many years. No matter how big of a problem it is, we have been able to find the cause and treat it successfully.

We operate with one goal in mind – prevention and repair of the damage that damp has done to your property and identify the source of the problem as early as possible so that no further damage is done in the future.

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Damp Surveyors Ltd. – Award-Winning Damp Surveying Company in London

Awards are just a testament to the quality of work we do for our customers, but in reality, Damp Surveyors Ltd. is more than that. We do not work for winning awards but for our customers. We aim to solve the damp problem, no matter how small or severe it is .

We provide various comprehensive damp surveys. Be it a base-level damp survey, a survey for penetrating damp, rising damp, mould growth, dry rot, leakages, or even a timber survey, we do it all.

Serving the south east London and surrounding areas, we are your trusted provider of effective damp surveying service, therefore making us the most-hired independent damp surveyors in the region.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed, easy-to-understand reports provided after every survey, complete with visuals and actionable insights.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Dedicated customer support and consultation services, ensuring clients are informed and comfortable.

Experienced Team of Surveyors

A team of certified surveyors with extensive training and years of hands-on experience.

Cutting-Edge Tools & Techniques

We employ the latest in damp detection technology, ensuring we're always at the forefront of the industry.

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Why Hire Our Damp Surveyors?

We set the record straight and proudly say that we are the real experts in identifying and tackling those stubborn, damp issues, and we mean it.

It's a no-brainer to settle for anything less when you can have the absolute best. Our precision diagnosis and robust solutions guarantee you nothing but top-notch, premium service.

Our cutting-edge, specialised products and techniques are something that's a rare sight to see. Our damp surveyors are specially designed to deliver high-quality, long-lasting results that stand guard against extensive damage.

Trust is something we earn and not something that's handed to us on a silver platter. And that's what we do by working hard. We're determined to be the reliable partner you need in creating a healthier and more valuable living space.

We provide damp and timber surveys in London and surrounding areas at reliable prices!

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Damp Surveyors with Years of Experience

Whether you’re planning to buy a new home, selling a property, or dealing with a damp problem in your residential or commercial space, a damp survey is an essential tool.

The surveying services that we offer to act as your guide that can help you find and eventually fix the damp problems in your house.

We not only reveal the extent of the issue but also provide a roadmap to the most effective solution, therefore making us one of the most reliable damp surveyors out there who offer accurate results and unwavering support every step of the way.

Benefits of a Damp Survey in London

Early Detection: Identifying damp issues at an early stage not only prevents them from exacerbating but also eliminates potential health hazards linked to mould and damp.

Comprehensive Damp Solutions: Through a comprehensive damp survey, one gains valuable insights into the root causes and severity of the issue, enabling the application of the most appropriate damp treatment.

Property Condition Reports: This survey yields a meticulously detailed property condition report, a valuable resource for property owners for insurance purposes and essential when considering buying or selling a home.

Proactive Damp Survey: Conducting a survey and addressing issues promptly allows you to effectively protect and even enhance the property's value. It is like an early intervention that saves you from more extensive and costly repairs down the road.

Damp Surveyors Ltd. isn't just about affordable prices; it's about delivering the utmost value when it comes to damp surveys in London.

Our team of seasoned experts is well-versed in uncovering telltale and visible signs of water damage in residential properties. Count on us to provide you with the top-tier survey you've earned, ensuring that no hint of damp slips through the cracks!

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Signs Your House Has Damp

Recognising signs of damp in your home can be crucial. One of the most telling indicators of damp patch is a musty, mould-like odour that permeates your living space. Additionally, you might observe the unwelcome presence of mildew on your floors, walls, and ceilings, and these surfaces could feel uncomfortably cold and damp to the touch.

Moreover, damp patches and mysterious dark splotches may be evident on your walls and plaster, leading to wallpaper peeling or lifting, not to mention the excessive moisture on your windows that can become a noticeable issue.

It's not just the upper levels of your home at risk; even your cellar might succumb to unwelcome signs of damp-ness. To ward off this threat, it's wise to have a damp specialist thoroughly inspect your basement for any tanking issues.

If you suspect that your home is grappling with damp concerns, we're ready to perform a comprehensive damp survey and make sure there's nothing to worry about.

Secure your property with a damp survey.

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What are the Causes of Damp?

Your home may encounter various sources of damp, which can be a real headache for you. It's crucial to act promptly and identify the root causes to prevent the situation from deteriorating, which, down the road, might also cost you big in terms of money.

When you're in a direction to find the reasons behind your home's damp, you should consider hiring the services of our proficient independent damp surveyors. What we do is offer comprehensive surveying services and a range of other invaluable services. Our sole mission is to find the cause behind damp, which can be:

  1. Inadequate Ventilation: This is often referred to as condensation due to excessive indoor humidity. It can arise when you employ energy-saving methods like double glazing to seal off airflow in an older property. Additionally, everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, and washing can contribute to high levels of moisture in the air.

  2. Rainwater Infiltration: Rain can find its way into your home's exterior, especially if the exterior isn't adequately maintained. For instance, moisture issues can manifest at the junctures of wooden roofs due to the gradual degradation of mortar fillets, lead flashings, ridges, or hips.

  3. Internal Leaks: This situation can happen for various reasons, including dishwasher and washing machine malfunctions, poorly connected pipe joints, burst pipes, overflowing showers and baths, and more.

We, as expert damp surveyors, possess the expertise to find out the complexities of your damp issue, as damp can result from a variety of other factors, too.

If you are looking for a damp surveying company, then count on our numerous independent damp survey reviews that have commended our company's services, providing you with the confidence to entrust us with the challenging task of addressing damp-related problems.

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How Does Damp Surveyors Ltd. Check for Damp?

Our damp surveyors employ a multifaceted approach when evaluating a building for damp issues, which include various things. So, whenever our experts do a damp survey, it involves:

  1. Structural Assessment: Our surveyors accurately examine the walls, floors, and ceilings of your building to detect any telltale signs of damp, such as discoloured patches, unsightly staining, or the presence of mould growth.

  2. Moisture Analysis: We utilise advanced moisture meters to gauge the moisture content within walls, floors, and ceilings. These cutting-edge instruments are invaluable for identifying hidden pockets of damp, even when visible indications are absent.

  3. Damp-Proof Course (DPC) Evaluation: Our inspection extends to the damp-proof course (DPC), a protective barrier installed to thwart rising damp. A damaged, missing, or incorrectly installed damp-proof course can serve as an indicator of potential rising damp issues.

  4. Penetrating Damp Testing: To determine if water is penetrating the walls from the exterior, we conduct comprehensive damp tests. This examination aids in pinpointing the source of the damp.

  5. Condensation and Humidity Assessment: We conduct assessments to distinguish whether damp might originate from condensation as opposed to other sources. This step involves evaluating both condensation levels and humidity.

  6. Historical Building Analysis: Our surveyors investigate the building's history, examining any prior damp repairs or renovations that have taken place.

Based on the findings from these comprehensive inspections, we are well-equipped to identify the root causes of damp and provide tailored recommendations for necessary repairs.

Trust the experts. Trust Damp Surveyors Ltd.

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Your Call to Action Against Damp is Now! 

Don't let the spectre of damp continue to threaten your valuable property in London. Take immediate action to protect your investment and promote a healthier living environment for which Damp Surveyors Ltd. is your trusted partner in this endeavour.

To initiate your damp survey, reach out to us at 0330 053 3432. Our team of experts are poised to uncover and resolve any concealed damp issues, therefore leaving no need to wait for the problem to exacerbate.

Damp Surveyors Ltd. offers comprehensive damp surveys by independent damp surveyors who provide exceptional customer service to give you serenity. Rest assured, your property is in the capable hands of dedicated professionals when you choose us.

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Secure Your Property's Future with A Damp Survey

Why let damp continue to wreak havoc on your home's integrity? It's time to seize control of your property's destiny. Damp Surveyors Ltd. is your dedicated partner in providing expert solutions and top-tier service, ensuring your home remains pristine.

Contact us to arrange your damp survey. Our skilled team will accurately inspect your property and rectify any issues stemming from damp. Rely on us for dependable, enduring outcomes, thanks to our comprehensive assessments and personalised damp surveying strategies.

When it comes to safeguarding your property from damp, Damp Surveyors Ltd. is your steadfast solution. Secure your property's future today!

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How Much Does a Damp Survey Cost?

When it comes to assessing a wet home, the costs can differ quite significantly. For instance, for a cosy two-bedroom residence, you might be looking at a starting price of around £200. However, as you move up to a more spacious four-bedroom house, the range tends to shift to the £300-£400 mark. And if you're dealing with a substantial detached four-bedroom house, it's not uncommon to see prices ranging from £550 to £600, depending on the extent of the moisture issues within the property.

Is A Damp Survey Worth It?

When considering a home purchase, conducting a comprehensive damp assessment becomes crucial. It ensures you uncover any potential issues that could arise in the future. Additionally, it may be necessary to engage in negotiations regarding the property's price or request that the seller address these concerns.

Are Damp Surveys Free?

Yes, sort of. However, not all companies provide damp surveys for free. Companies that do offer complimentary damp proof-course investigation and damp surveys opt for commission-based surveyors, whose primary aim is to identify issues and secure the project.

Does A Level 2 Survey Look for Damp?

This survey process is designed to provide an extensive set of inquiries that potential homebuyers may pose regarding properties and their surrounding neighbourhoods. It offers insights into the possible transformation of the property, with a focus on assessing the structural integrity and water-resistance capabilities of the buildings, excluding the drainage system itself.