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Mould and Condensation Survey?

A professional condensation survey is one of the best ways to identify issues that might be causing mould growth in your property. A mould survey from Damp Surveyors Ltd will include details of repairing the damage to your home to prevent further damage.

A condensation survey, also known as a damp survey, is carried out by our experienced condensation surveyors.

Why Use Damp Surveyors Ltd for a Mould and Condensation Survey?

Mould and condensation surveys are a complicated process and need to be completed by a professional. Damp Surveyors Ltd have years of experience helping homeowners identify issues within their home and offer treatment services.

As members of the Property Care Association and other trading bodies, we adhere to strict national guidelines to ensure all work is to the highest standard. 

Every member of our team is qualified and experienced in identifying the smallest sign of damp. Our experienced survey team can not only identify the problem, but they can also identify the cause and the potential solutions that you need to implement to remedy the issues.

So, if you would like a mould and condensation survey completed, contact Damp Surveyors Ltd today on 0330 053 3432. Or you can use our online contact form and we can contact you back to arrange a survey when it is convenient for you.

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A team of certified surveyors with extensive training and years of hands-on experience.

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We employ the latest in damp detection technology, ensuring we're always at the forefront of the industry.


When Do You Need to Call in Damp Surveyors Ltd

There are numerous signs that you might need to have a damp survey in the home. The first sign you will probably notice is the smell. A musty or damp smell can become very unpleasant, and it often means that there is hidden mould in the property, normally behind some furniture or fixtures on the wall.

There might also be some small spots on the wall or ceiling. These might start as small brown stains. They should be fairly easy to wipe off, but just wiping them off might not get rid of the damp or condensation problems already taking hold in the house.

You might notice some of the smaller signs of damp problems, such as a low surface temperature on the wall, moisture on the walls, high humidity, black mould on the walls or ceiling or condensation problems on windows/walls/ceilings.

If you do spot any of these signs, be sure to point them out to our team so we can point you in the right direction and get your damp protected as soon as possible.

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What Our Condensation Surveyors Do

During the condensation survey, our surveyors will look into the condensation problem in your home. They will use specialist equipment to find the scale of the problem, and the dew point in the home. They will also take photographic evidence to show the extent of the problem in the home.

Once they’ve completed the condensation survey, they will write and deliver a comprehensive survey report. This report will be delivered to you. 

The report will include a lot of information including factors that risk deteriorating across the home. There will also be a list of the condensation problems in the home and what needs to be done to fix the issues.

The report will also provide advice on how to effectively prevent condensation problems in the home.

What Happens After a Condensation Survey?

After a condensation survey you will be provided with a report that will detail the problems with the property, and what is needed to get the building to have no damp problems. We will provide advice on the best treatments and what we determine are the next best steps.

It is important to read the report and then consider what options you want to follow to help you reduce the humidity in your home. If you’re happy with the quotes, we can support you in finding the right contractor to carry out your works accurately and effectively.

damp survey report
damp and mould risks

How Long Does a Condensation Survey Take?

If you're looking for a condensation and mould survey on your home, you will need to set time aside for the survey. The survey can take up to an hour to complete, and you will need to be around to ensure our surveyor can access all parts of the home to check for mould issues across the property.

At the end of the mould survey, our experienced surveyor will provide some expert advice to help you make a difference while the written report is completed and delivered with some solutions.

The mould and Condensation Survey Cost

Mould and condensation survey costs can depend on the property type, the size of the property, and the extent of the condensation problem in the property. For instance, property owners of very large homes can expect the costs to be around £200 to £500. 

Those living in a small apartment or flat can expect costs to be approximately £200.

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These are the common FAQs for our mould and condensation surveys.

What Causes Mould Growth in the Home?

Condensation damp is one of the leading problems that causes mould issues within the home. You can often find problem areas for mould because the affected and surrounding areas will be colder to the touch. This allows for warm air to cool down quickly, creating condensation. Heat loss in the home can cause the walls to be colder.

Other risks that can cause significant mould production in the home include a lack of ventilation in the home.

Damp might also be caused by rising damp within the home.

Whatever the cause, the survey by industry-leading damp and condensation specialists will be able to find the problem areas and recommend the best solutions to fix problems.

Why Should I Prevent Damp and Mould Growth in the Home?

Penetrating damp and mould growth are health risks in your home. Individuals with asthma can suffer from significant breathing difficulties. Penetrating damp or rising damp might also be a cause of eczema, cold-like symptoms and other illnesses that can make it challenging to work or live in the home.

There have been cases where mould has been linked to serious health problems.

If mould is left untreated in the home, property owners don't just suffer from health issues. Mould build-up can cause damage to properties, such as dampness in the wall causing paint or wallpaper to peel, or it can cause the plaster to fall off the wall.

Do Condensation Surveys Require a Professional?

A condensation survey is a complicated task that requires specialist skills and experience to get the information required. To find the damp issues and other serious problems within a home, including locations where black mould might be hiding, you need a fully qualified surveyor.

Our team is registered with various trade bodies and are seen as local experts in damp conditions.

They will also write a detailed report that will provide unrivalled knowledge of the root cause of the issues in your home. The full assessment should also have a space for prescribing treatments for the home.

These elements are just not found in individuals who are not experienced as a damp surveyors.

Could I Not Just Lower the Temperature and Increase Ventilation?

While temperature and ventilation are common causes of mould problems within the home, by the time you notice the tell-tale signs of mould within the home, it is too late to rely on just ventilation and temperature.

It is best for you to get a damp survey completed on your building to determine what is causing the dampness around the home. Then and only then will the moisture issues in your building be sorted, and you can feel happy and safe in your home again.

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