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Are you looking to have the timbers in your home checked? Or are you thinking of buying a new home? Then you will want to have a timber survey completed. Trust Damp Surveyors Ltd to help you identify potential problems within the home and find out how to fix them.

Why Choose Damp Surveyors Ltd for Your Timber Survey

Damp Surveyors Ltd have years of experience providing timber surveys on properties across London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. Our experienced and qualified surveyors have assisted homeowners across the area to improve their homes and ensure that their timbers are in prime condition. 

We offer the best service with meticulous timber surveys that will identify issues, and offer the best solutions to issues within your home.

We are members of several trading bodies, including the Property Care Association. Therefore, the work completed on your property is done to the highest standard, so you can be confident that any issues, including woodworm, damp or other problems are correctly identified.

All timber survey requests are completed by a qualified timber surveyor. Our surveyors are experienced in identifying the smallest sign of damage to the property timber. They are also experts in knowing how to remedy all the problems that might be affecting your home, such as damage to the damp proof course, timber boring insects or damp timber in the property.

So, if you would like a timber survey completed on your home, contact us today for free on 0330 053 3432. Or you can use our online contact form and we can contact you back to arrange a timber survey when it is convenient for you.

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Signs You Need a Damp Surveyors Ltd to Complete a Timber Report

There are many signs you will notice before you book us for a timber survey for your property. These signs can cover everything from dry rot, wet rot, and a beetle infestation. The first sign of penetrating damp or other damp issues is that there is a bad smell in the home. You might also notice that the walls look slightly wet, or you can see peeling wallpaper or paint on the wall. Floor timbers might also look damaged or rotten. Some homes will feel cold because of the wetness. Or there are signs of fungal decay or mould inside the home. Damp walls are particularly susceptible to mould. Damp problems aren't just on the inside of the home either. Damp brickwork might be evident on the outside of the home. You might see bricks are damaged. If there is a timber infestation in the home, there are numerous signs of insects in the home. The timbers might have small holes in them, there is sawdust around the wood, or there are dead beetles around the wood. The timber survey report will detail what is causing the issues as there can be many factors that are contributing to penetrating damp or damp ingress.
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How Long Does a Damp Surveyors Ltd Need for a Timber Survey?

When we complete a timber survey on your property, we want it to be complete, to ensure there nothing is missed. Therefore, it takes between two and three hours to complete, depending on the size of your property. During the damp and timber survey, you should be available to allow for access throughout the home. Therefore, you will need to book a time which is a convenient time for you, such as a day off.

Our team will send a timber report within a few days. The timber report can be sent via email or in writing. If you’re purchasing a pre-purchase damp and timber survey, your mortgage company and lawyer might also receive copies of the timber survey.

Included in the timber report will be:

  • Details of the damage caused to any timbers to your property.
  • Causes of damage to your timbers, whether it is because of dry rot, wet rot or insects.
  • Repairs that need to be carried out as a result of damage found in the timber survey.

Timber Survey Cost

The damp inspection cost can vary and depends on several factors which can include the size and location of the property. 

Using our damp-proofing specialists is not expensive. Costs can range from £150 and £300.

These costs include the timber survey and the report sent to you.

The costs do not cover damp proofing, repair costs or any damp proofing treatment that is essential for the property maintenance.

What Happens After a Timber Survey?

If you’re happy with everything on your timber survey from Damp Surveyors Ltd, then our experienced team will be able to work on the timber treatments for your property. Our friendly team will work out the best time to complete the work that fits around your availability.

The cost of the timber survey does not include any timber treatment.

Book Your Timber Survey Now

So if you think that you need to book your property’s timber survey, then you should contact our team now. You can call our team free now on 0330 053 3432. Or you can send us a message about booking a timber survey using our quick online form, and we will contact you back as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time for your timber report.


Here are some of the FAQs that are often asked about our services.

What is a Timber Survey?

A timber survey is an inspection of the roof timbers and other wood structures on your property. They look for signs of damage and causes of concern from several risks that can happen from wood-rotting fungi to wood-boring insects.

The timber survey is designed to provide information about the basic maintenance of a home, preventing the home from becoming too damaged from the elements. For instance, the timber report might find signs of dry rot or damp timber and then offer treatments that timber specialists can complete.

You can use our timber survey and get reputable timber treatment companies, like ours, to quote you on the treatments to fix any problems.

There are numerous times when a damp and timber survey is completed, from regular inspections to spot the early signs of a problem to when making a home purchase. In addition to a timber survey, you may seek to buy a damp report which can provide a more detailed view of the state of a home.

Why Have a Timber Survey Done?

A timber survey is an important part of the maintenance of your home. If you notice that there is any timber decay around the home, or if there is damage to damp proofing in the home, then the long-term impact on the home can be significant. Damp within the home can cause a host of health problems, not just look unsightly within the home.

Early detection of timber rot can be a lot easier to deal with, and a lot less expensive, than if you delay the timber report.

In addition, when you're purchasing a home, the mortgage lender may request a timber survey to ensure that the structural timbers are sound and the house is safe. It can also help to demonstrate that the offer you've placed on the home is reasonable.

When Should You Have a Timber Survey Done?

A timber survey should be done when you have concerns about the damp proof course of your property or are worrying about the state of the wooden structure in the property. Numerous issues might affect the timbers of your home, which will be spotted on both damp and timber surveys.

For instance, the timber survey will look for damage to the timbers from wood rotting fungi, wood boring insects, wet rot, dry rot, and other problems that can affect the safety and the structure of the building. The timber report will also identify what the potential problems will be and what the solutions should be to help get the property back up to the best standards.

You should book us for a timber survey when you are buying a property. Normally, as part of the process of the purchase, a range of surveys will be completed, including damp and timber surveys. Our experienced and qualified surveyor will check that there are no hidden problems with the home which might affect the property's valuation

Who Should Contact Damp Surveyors Ltd During a House Sale?

A mortgage timber survey is completed on the buyer’s behalf, not for the seller. If there is a problem with the property, the buyer will be given the evidence and you might want to negotiate with the seller to buy the property at a lower value or you might want to cancel the purchase. Sometimes the buyer will put right what has been found wrong.

Are There Dangers of Bad Timbers in the Home?

There are numerous dangers to having problems with the timbers in a home. For instance, dampness, which causes damage to timber, can cause health problems. The mould which is common with damp can cause significant allergic reactions.

In addition, signs of damp walls or a beetle infestation can reduce the value of the home. If you're looking to sell your property, getting the report done before you visit sellers allows you to be aware of problems, and make simple repairs to the home to improve the value of the property.

However, if you do get a report for the property done before placing your home on the market, be aware that your damp contractor's reports cannot be used as surveys for buyers. And you cannot charge the buyers the timber report cost.

Another problem with bad timbers is that if one becomes significantly weak from the damage caused by the timbers, you might suffer from structural damage.

Who Completes a Timber Survey?

Our timber treatment contractors are specialist damp surveyors with years of experience in spotting all kinds of problems within the home, from rising damp, damp issues on ground floor walls, and timber decay.

Our specialists will not just inspect the current state of the property's timbers, they will also complete a report that will highlight all the issues that are there and the treatments required to fix the problems at the property.

Can I Complete a Timber Survey Myself?

Some people think they can complete a timber survey themselves to save on costs. However, this is not highly recommended. A timber surveyor from us is a specialist damp and timber specialist. The timber survey carried out by them will help to identify little signs that others typically miss.

They won't just look for damp timber or the condition of the physical damp-proof course. They will also look for signs of wood boring insects and other damage to the timbers that are harder to spot.

We are members of the Property Care Association and Damp Proofing Association and use specialist damp and timber surveying equipment like humidity metres to measure how wet areas of the home are. They also determine the cause and the best treatments.

If you're buying a house, the mortgage lender will also require that the individual providing the pre-purchase damp and timber reports is neutral to the sale. They won't like to have the reports about the roof timbers from the seller either. They will want to make sure that the person who is conducting the survey is a member of the Property Care Association.

Can You Get a Free Damp And Timber Survey?

Some companies do offer free damp and timber surveys. These are not done by damp specialists. They are completed by firms that are using the free damp and timber report as a way to get leads for other work.

These free damp and timber surveys might also be known as a dry rot survey or damp timber survey. However, they don't normally have a lot of detail and can miss common problems such as rising damp. They also won't provide any information about what rising damp treatment you might need or what might be causing issues within the home.

In addition, if you're looking for a pre-purchase damp and timber survey, mortgage companies will not accept these free surveys as proof that the home is sound. Therefore, you will be required to complete another timber survey with one of the professional damp proofing companies that are part of the damp proofing association.

Damp specialists will also spend at least two or three hours on the survey. A free survey will only take about one hour, and they are unlikely to use specialist damp equipment.

Should a Damp Survey Be Done At The Same Time as a Timber Report?

When you're looking to purchase a timber report to check for any decay in the home, you might also want to check for dampness in the home. Sometimes the timber decay problems are caused by dampness in the property. Some people therefore require both the damp and timber surveys to be done.

You don't need an independent damp specialist to complete the work. Normally those who complete timber reports will also offer damp surveys at the same time. So you can get both reports at the same time. Our timber surveyors are experts in both damp and timber issues.

What is included in a damp and timber survey?

A damp and timber survey, completed by professional timber specialists, will include lots of details to help you make the best decisions. It will detail all the issues that there are within the property and they will also list the causes of the damp or damage to the timbers in the report and what needs to be done to correct the issues. When purchasing a property, the damp and timber survey might place a valuation on the property.

Can I use the damp and timber survey to negotiate the price of the property?

The damp and timber report might not come back as you expected. It might, for example, state that you need to make repairs to the damp proofing of the home or need to replace some of the timbers to make the structure safer. If you're purchasing the home, you can use the survey to either get the seller to correct some of the issues with the property, or you can reduce the price to repair these things yourself. However, some mortgage companies might reject the prospect of you making the changes.

How long in advance does a timber report need to be booked?

If you're looking to get a damp and timber report done, these can usually be arranged within a couple of weeks. It depends on the season and the workload. There are some times in the year which are busier than other times of the year. For example, in the wintertime, fewer people tend to move home, so there is often a shorter waiting list. However, during the Spring and Summer periods, more people tend to move home so there is a longer waiting list.

Do I need to be home for the damp and timber report?

The damp specialists will need access to the home, and therefore it is best if you are home when the damp and timber survey is completed. If you're getting the timber report done for your potential new home, then the sellers will want to be home. The report can take two to three hours to complete. So it is best to ensure you set aside enough time.

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