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A waterproofing survey is an excellent way to check for an area for potential rising dampness or other issues that may cause long-term damage to your London home. Damp Surveyors Ltd is one of the best suppliers of waterproofing surveys in the UK.

Why Get Damp Surveyors Ltd to Conduct a Waterproofing Survey?

If you’re looking for a thorough waterproofing or cellar survey that will identify real problems, Damp Surveyors Ltd is the best choice. We have years of experience providing waterproofing surveys to customers across London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire.

Our services are carried out by professional surveyors with years of experience and exceptional skills to spot the damp issues within a home, diagnose the cause and come up with effective solutions for your home.

As members of several trading bodies, including the Property Care Association, we adhere to the top industry standards. Therefore, you can be confident that if there are any issues found, the correct treatments will be recommended.

So, if you would like a waterproofing survey, contact us today for free on 0330 053 3432. Or use our online contact form, and we can contact you back to arrange a survey when it is convenient for you.

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What is Included in a Waterproofing Survey

A waterproofing survey is an internal examination of a space within your property. Other names that might be used include the basement waterproofing survey or the cellar survey. The report will include information on the waterproofing design and provide information on what basement waterproofing solutions might be needed to ensure no further water ingress.

The waterproofing survey will look for signs of dampness within the property, including moisture rising from the ground, damage to the cellar, and checking the walls for damp.

When the inspection has been completed, you'll be provided with a report that includes the risk factors, the potential problems identified in the survey, and the solutions to make the site safe.

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Waterproofing Survey Cost

A waterproofing survey cost will depend on the complexity of the project and what basement waterproofing or waterproofing design is already used on the property. However, the cellar survey is a lot more cost-effective than the damage that can be caused by water entering the home and causing damage to the foundations and structure.

Depending on the location, the size, and more – you can expect the cost to be approximately £200 to £300.

What Happens After a Waterproofing Survey?

Once the waterproofing survey has been completed by one of our team, you will get a report with a list of recommendations on how you can improve the waterproofing systems in your basement. If you are happy with the recommendations made by our surveyors, our fully trained team can help you install the waterproofing systems into your home.

These structural waterproofing systems will help keep your basement and cellar completely dry. All work that’s carried out in the basement of your home by our expert team will be completely covered by guarantees.

We know that at the end of the project, you will be happy with the work. And your home will be improved.

How to Book a Waterproofing Systems Survey

If you're thinking of booking a waterproofing survey, then all you need to do is contact our contracts manager on 0330 053 3432. We can help you book a time that is convenient for you. Then our expert team will turn up on time to your site and then conduct the survey.

Alternatively, you can contact our professional team via our online form who shall respond to you at the earliest point to confirm the best time to survey your home.

So be sure to book your waterproofing survey today to make your home better.


How Long Does a Basement Waterproofing Survey Take?

A survey will take up some time. You will need to be present for it so the team can be sure our surveyors have access to all areas of the basement or cellar where you would like the inspection conducted. They might also offer a brief rundown on what they found on the structural waterproofing during their assessment.

Therefore, expect the survey to take between two to four hours, depending on the size of the property and the access to the required areas.

Who Carries Out the Survey?

Surveys are carried out by our professional surveyors, they’re experts in damp proofing and experienced in looking for the smallest detail. They can advise on the best solutions for future protection and repair to the basements or cellars as required.

The surveyor will look at all potential problems affecting homes, including an analysis of the lowest part of the cellar or basement to check where water ingress will move to.

If there are waterproofing systems in place, the surveyors will also inspect this, regardless of the waterproofing design, they will be able to check the system in the detail required to ensure it's working properly.

The inspection uses some specialist surveying equipment, which is designed to spot any potential water ingress in the property, and signs of damp and ensure that any damage to the waterproofing systems is picked up.

Can a Survey Be Free?

Surveys are not free. Surveys are carried out by professionals, with specialist equipment to identify potential issues with the home. Most free surveys do not go into depth and are not accepted by mortgage lenders when used in the pre-purchase surveys.

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